Fragcenter Design

I was asked to put something together for the new Fragcenter front end for UT.  Here it is!  I did 2 variations, one more true to the ingame pose and one representing more “power”.



Decided to start playing around with mapping. For now it’s just for fun and experimentation, but maybe it’ll eventually turn into something neat that plays well too.  It’s made mostly using assets from Outpost 23.

CTF-CloudConnected features speed pads, and the goal is to have the flow of the game be altered by whichever team best controls the central areas. Eventually I want Blueprints to change the hue of the jump pads, and even the overall atmosphere based on which team is controlling.

So far only a small part of the blue base is done.

For simplicity’s sake, it will be a symmetrical map.  More to come.

May 1 2015 Build Video Review

Heeeeyyyy, uh yeah what?  I know it’s been 4 months, but I’ve been doing stuff.  Really!  Updating this site just hasn’t been one of them.  Besides UT, I’ve been involved in another Unreal Engine 4 project that required a lot of relearning what I already knew from UDK / UE3.  Now that’s well on its way.  I also received a new PC from Epic which was *much* needed, you don’t even know…  But mad props to them for being that awesome.  Never saw that coming in a million years.

Anyway long story short, it’s enabled me to start doing vids of UT again, and so here is my first feeble attempt.

Has it been a year already?!?!