2016 – What’s in store?

Sorry again for the long droughts in posting here, guys.  I’ll look for ways to make this website more useful, but right now most of my updating is done either through the forums, or youtube.  For example  my “contrib digest” is kept fairly up to date with my biggest ideas and work that I’m not too ashamed to show off.  The other stuff I just kind of brush under the rug and pretend didn’t happen 😉

https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?14745 <-Contrib digest, check it out if you haven’t, and sub to my Youtube channel plorx.

I’ve been doing a bit less art related stuff lately, and focused much more on just trying to provide support to the community by answering questions, while I also learn some engine related things including gaining a better understanding of Blueprint which should hopefully help me transition more into prototyping.  There are countless reasons to learn Blueprint, as it’s the best way to communicate ideas from gameplay to visibility improvements, to gametypes, or even cinematic related things.

2016 is probably the year that we’re going to begin to see a little more polish going on and a little more hype start to build, January in particular looks to be a big month already with the game making a big jump in engine versions, from 4.8 to 4.11 which will improve both networking and cross platform among plenty else.  The next couple of months will probably answer some questions for me as to the future of what I am able to do with this game.

I wish to be able to continue providing support and helping to mold UT4 in a positive direction, but also need to make a living and living’s pretty tight right now, so… short of this being a paid job, which seems unlikely, there will be periods of inactivity, that’s just the way life is.  I doubt you’ll miss me much anyway 😉

But like that old Highwaymen song goes: “I’ll be back again, and again, and again, and again… and again…”

That’s the draw of Unreal.

Youtube Digest – August

No, I haven’t disappeared (aww).  There are updates coming.  For now here are a couple of map related vids showcasing the new demo recording system in UT4.  The audio’s a little off but that should be fixed in the upcoming August build.

In video 1, I reveal my secret flag route in Volcano, for those of you who feel the map favors the face-style base too much, this might help change your mind.

To tell you the honest truth I enjoy attacking the Volcano much more since discovering this route.

In video 2, I catch this sneaky bugger demonq – 😉 – doing something naughty but harmless in CTF-Lance.  By all means folks, keep looking for map bugs, it helps the team out.


Fragcenter Design

I was asked to put something together for the new Fragcenter front end for UT.  Here it is!  I did 2 variations, one more true to the ingame pose and one representing more “power”.



Decided to start playing around with mapping. For now it’s just for fun and experimentation, but maybe it’ll eventually turn into something neat that plays well too.  It’s made mostly using assets from Outpost 23.

CTF-CloudConnected features speed pads, and the goal is to have the flow of the game be altered by whichever team best controls the central areas. Eventually I want Blueprints to change the hue of the jump pads, and even the overall atmosphere based on which team is controlling.

So far only a small part of the blue base is done.

For simplicity’s sake, it will be a symmetrical map.  More to come.

May 1 2015 Build Video Review

Heeeeyyyy, uh yeah what?  I know it’s been 4 months, but I’ve been doing stuff.  Really!  Updating this site just hasn’t been one of them.  Besides UT, I’ve been involved in another Unreal Engine 4 project that required a lot of relearning what I already knew from UDK / UE3.  Now that’s well on its way.  I also received a new PC from Epic which was *much* needed, you don’t even know…  But mad props to them for being that awesome.  Never saw that coming in a million years.

Anyway long story short, it’s enabled me to start doing vids of UT again, and so here is my first feeble attempt.

Has it been a year already?!?!